Monday, November 2, 2009


So, as you can imagine, Halloween is an incredibly busy holiday with two children. By the time you get costumes and special events in AND work your second shift job you(meaning me) are completely exhausted! So I didn't quite keep up last week. Sorry . . . all 7 of you.

I didn't design the witch but I did draw the pattern freehand and enlarge it as the same time. And then there was the carving.
Also here is a still life of one of my son's toys that I did this morning when my daughter decided she was gonna get up and stay up at 6:30am. Weee!


  1. This is cool.
    6:30 is a good time for you to get up lol

    Love You

  2. I really like the shadowing and sense of scale on the octo-toy. Have you ever tried drawing your subject upside down? (the subject not you) I know that it helps break down the objects a little better for me because your brain is just looking at shapes rather than "Oh this is a nose, noses look like X, lets draw X instead of what we see,"