Sunday, October 11, 2009


I had a really interesting dream that I was an agent in an Agency that deals with the paranormal. The Agency had a kind of mob mentality. In my dream one of my squad of 5 had screwed up and pissed of the leader of the agency. Our handler led us to believe we were meeting to get our next mission, but instead (due to the aforementioned squad member) he had betrayed us by sending a hit squad of 3 Frankensteins to take us out. We had no weapons so all we could do was run until we lost the beasts. Unlike the movies, the Frankensteins were very fast and of course never tired (they were, however, bright green). I tried to get the mage of our group to light them on fire, (FIRE BAD!) but she froze and was killed. I ran being chased by a Frankenstein in tight running outfit. I woke up before the conclusion but I know I lost at least 2 squad members and don't know what happened to the member that caused all this (I'm comforted by the fact the he got his hand cut off by our handler before the Frankensteins were released).

A very detailed and surprisingly memorable dream. Maybe I'll continue writing the story in my waking life. Hmm

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